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Jena’s Insults

Vilification Tennis is a structured improvisational show where competitors engage in a battle of insults. The show is never the same because the competitors keep changing and the material is constantly evolving. We feel that there is humor inherent even in the most taboo subjects and we are, therefore, willing to make fun of things that most people would think aren’t the least bit funny.

Like your mom.

Jena started doing vilification tennis in 2001 because it scared the hell out of her. The consistently changing material and format keep her scared. When she is no longer afraid of the show, she will retire.

Her crude yet lovable persona make it hard for anyone to truly be offended by the otherwise offensive things coming out of her mouth. Her insults tend to run slightly tamer with more word play, providing a subtle contrast to the surrounding offensiveness. Her insults go well with with a nice white wine.

About Jena

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