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Happy Birthday, Wife!

October 5, 2012

Hey, y’all! It’s Jena’s birthday today! She’s… 25 years old today.

Yeah… 25. Let’s go with that.

So since it’s her birthday, rather than spend the morning scanning the news for ways to make fun of republicans I’ve spent my morning reading her blog posts again! You can do it, too! Here’s some of my favorites. Just click on the blue text to be transported to a magical world of Jena Young humorous bloggings!

Dolls That Offend Sensitivities. It’s true that she is actually scared of Care Bears. Seriously. I really have to hammer in the fact that this is an actual fear because it sounds like a joke when she describes it but one time I pulled a Care Bear out of a kid’s toy box at a friend’s house and she froze like a bee landed on her nose.

Girls Love Shopping! It’s true that there’s a brand of toilet paper I don’t allow in the house. It’s Angel Soft and not just because the baby on the package is creepy looking –

the tiny picture doesn’t really convey the look of insatiable undead hunger in his face.

Angel Soft is owned by Koch industries and the Koch brothers pretty much invented the Tea Party, bankrolled Walker etc. etc. Also, guess which brand of TP I came home to?

Internet Love. If the internet was a person Jena would leave me in a heartbeat for him/her/whatever. I’m just glad Steve Jobs died before he could invent the iMan.

Monkey Pants Pick up Lines. Not sure which I like more, the pictures of surprised monkeys or the puns.

Road Head. Heh. “Soft touch” car wash.

Happy birthday, love!

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