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Move Over, Bachmann! There’s a New Nutjob Republican Congressman in Town!

October 2, 2012

His name is Todd Akin!

“Howdy, y’all! Wimmin’re things!”

You probably know Rep. Todd Akin as the man who is running for Senate in Missouri and said that horribly untrue thing about women not being able to get pregnant when raped but did you know he says awful, misinformed things about women all the time?

It’s true! Why, just the other day he was spouting off on why womenfolk shouldn’t receive equal pay –

Or you can check out this little ditty where he claims abortion providers commonly give abortions to women who aren’t pregnant and kill women through misuse of anesthetics

Don’t worry, though, dudes! If you’re feeling left out because Rep. Akin is focusing all of his ignorant hate on women he also says some stupid shit that can be directed at men, too!

“I think that the thing you have to do is, people have to start being held accountable for their decisions. If somebody’s not buying insurance, then they’re going to have to be selling their car, or whatever it is to try to help cover that.” — at a primary debate, in response to a moderator’s question about what an uninsured 28-year-old who gets cancer should do, January 2012 (source:

If you weren’t convinced of his dismissive, 1950’s attitude towards women, he stated that after his first debate with Senator McCaskill that she wasn’t as ladylike as her first campaign in 2006.

Now you’d think this race would be a slam dunk for McCaskill and it was until recently. See, after that whole “legitimate rape” thing (which by the way some people still swear is true), most republicans abandoned him and some, including Mitt Romney, suggested he withdraw his campaign. Todd Akin just didn’t realize that no means no and kept on campaigning despite his fellow republicans begging him to stop. Now that the date has passed for him to take his name off the ballot the Republicans are going to see his campaign all the way through even though he really forced himself onto the ballot and created this unwanted candidacy. I’m sure the Republican party would love to replace him somehow before his candidacy reached full term but they’re stuck with him and they need the senate seat so they’re throwing their support and money behind him.

The worst part of this all is that he’s only slightly behind in the polls! the RCP poll average (which, granted, can be a little right leaning) has him behind 1. Fucking. Percent. An internal poll done by the Claire McCaskill campaign has her up by 9% but that gap should be even wider, given the things Akin’s said.

I can’t even believe Akin stands a chance. Get your shit together, Missouri. Don’t prove grandpa Simpson right.

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  1. October 2, 2012 12:01 pm

    McCaskill used to be pretty good, But she has managed to tick off a lot of her state.
    Not sure how, but a lot of people will be voting against her.
    I can’t see a lot of people voting For Akin,
    He will get votes from those that want to vote the R and from those voting against Claire and also those voting against the D,
    Anything could happen.

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