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I Can Kill You With My Brain, or…

September 25, 2012

Before becoming a home-maker, I worked at the U of M, doing computer support for doctors and researchers. People that develop amazing cures and technologies all the time. I remember a story where people at the U developed a video game you could play with your brain. Just hook up some sensors, and you use your brain to navigate your space ship… you tell it where to go WITH THE POWER OF YOUR MIND!!!

That should excite you. The possibilities are absolutely endless. With this technology, we could make surgery completely noninvasive. It’s possible we could develop a way communicate with each other through our brains. We have the ability to view images from people’s brains, but we could use that to make a more fair judicial system, or solve crimes. We could make the world a better place.

It’s all fun and game until you’re taken over by an alien species and start trying to kill your friends.

Or, we could make ridiculous fashion accessories.

Last July, a Japanese company called Neurowear released a headband with kitty ears that reacted to the wearer’s emotional state. I think they’re kinda cute. Had I millions to spend on ridiculous things, I’d probably buy a pair, wear them for 5 minutes, and then put them int he back of my massive walk-in closet full of thousands of shoes that I never wear, just keep in a walk-in closet to make other people jealous of the amount of shoes I have.

Leave it to the Japanese…

Just yesterday, they announced the creation of a tail that does the same thing. But wait- there’s more! It’s not enough that random strangers in your general area can see how you feel. It also tracks your emotions and sends them to an app that broadcasts your emotions to other tail-wearing emoting kids in your area. Our local Anime convention will never be the same.

OH MY GOD! I just realized what they’re doing! They’re creating the ultimate furry!

I really don’t want to know which animal part they’re planning to release next.

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