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Bill Nye the Badass Guy

September 24, 2012

Bill Nye is back in the public eye! The guy partially responsible for turning Millenials into a generation of nerds is now kicking creationist ass in the name of reason.

The scientist turned actor/comedian/kids’ show host is best known for his work in the mid ’90s on his show “Bill Nye the Science Guy” where he used his super science powers to answer the Insane Clown Posse’s questions years before they would even ask and on a level that even they can understand –

These days though you can see him on youtube explaining why bible stories shouldn’t be taught in science classrooms –

That video has gone viral now with over 4 million hits and stories from a bunch of major news outlets. The video has also drawn the ire of The Creation Museum, a place in Kentucky where you can see exhibits of man walking next to dinosaurs and half constructed “Noah’s Ark”.

I couldn’t be happier. The same guy who used Suicidal Tendencies song parodies to teach me about mammals is now arguing with the people who’s ideas drive me insane!

If Bill Nye ran for president I would totally vote for him. He should run in 2016. All he needs is the perfect running mate…


Ladies and gentlemen, I think I just created the perfect campaign ticket.


I’m awful at photoshop but if anybody wants to make up a Nye/Degrasse Tyson campaign poster I’d gladly put it up here. Possible alternative campaign slogans –

*Less fighting. More robot fighting.

*A Telescope in every observatory.

*Because seriously let’s get a person on Mars.

*The Han and Lando of science!

I’d love to see that happen but I doubt it ever will. I’m just not sure America’s ready for a black vice president.

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