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Seriously What the Hell is a Delegate?

September 5, 2012

Well, it’s convention time here in the U.S. –

One candidate to rule them all!

Wait. Different kind of convention. Although if political party conventions had cosplay it’d definitely make politics more interesting. Whatever. The Republican National Convention just wrapped up last week and the Democratic National Convention is just starting so we all know what that means!

It means… that… President…

Okay I honestly don’t know what these conventions are all about. Really.

I know it’s where the candidate for that party officially accepts his nomination and there’s delegates there. Also old people and empty chairs for some reason

After looking around on wikipedia, I found this out about delegates. “The Democratic Party of the United States uses pledged delegates and superdelegates. A candidate for the Democratic nominee must win a majority of combined delegate votes at the Democratic National Convention.
Pledged delegates are elected or chosen at the state or local level, with the understanding that they will support a particular candidate at the convention. Pledged delegates are however not actually bound to vote for that candidate, thus the candidates are allowed to periodically review the list of delegates and eliminate any of those they feel would not be supportive. Currently there are 3,253 pledged delegates.” The republican party has a near identical system for delegates.

So basically when states have primaries, their delegates go and vote for the person who won in that state but sometimes they don’t have to or something? Also there’s superdelegates who can do whatever they want?

So… are delegates even necessary? I don’t get the point. I know this is going to sound weird since I’m talking about the government but this whole process seems inefficient and riddled with redundancy. Not to mention expensive –

When fiscal conservatives throw a party they ironically spare no expense. Do you know how much it cost them to make that mute Obama lookalike invisible?

I really can’t think of a practical reason that we’re still using this system in the electoral process but I do have a few theories as to why we keep it around.

Protesters get to riot, cops get to bust heads, everybody gets to let off some steam.

Everybody wins in a riot!

Weird conspiracy with the button and balloon companies to boost sales.

I’m onto you…

Gives musicians a chance to show their political affiliation.

3 Doors Down played the RNC this year. This was a big shock as nobody knew 3 Doors Down were still together.

While I can’t be sure why these delegates exist I think we all can agree on one thing. 3 Doors Down sucks. They’re like Nickleback without the personality.

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