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Bachmann: Pop-Culture Punching Bag?

June 26, 2012

Maybe if punching bags were filled with bat shit insane zealot bitches instead of sand or whatever.

The Star Tribune posted an article today about how poor ol’ Michele Bachmann can’t catch a break. Even though she has shied away from the media since she got her ass handed to her in the primaries and ended up $80,000 in debt for her trouble, celebrities still take jabs at her. Her special brand of crazy is inspiring a plot line in True Blood, Jane Fonda calls her “nothing but a hairdo” in Aaron Sorkin’s new show and Catherine Zeta-Jones cited Bachmann as inspiration for her character in Rock of Ages.

Now I’ve taken my fair share of jabs at Bachmann. So many that I can spell her name correctly without looking it up (one “l”, two “n”s) but I haven’t written about her at all recently because she hasn’t done anything new and exciting since horribly failing at running for president. The article is asking why Hollywood is still taking shots at her even though she hasn’t done anything newsworthy lately and republican strategist Sarah Janecek states “”She created a vivid picture in those presidential debates as the only woman doing just fine against the men. With her perfect looks plus her ideology, in the age of celebrity, she became one.”

According to republican strategists, doing just fine = 6th place in the Iowa caucuses and perfect looks = this –

I love how she wears so much makeup there’s practically lens flare coming off her cheeks and how her hollow eyes communicate nothing but insanity. SO HOT. Easy to see how she turned Marcus straight.

I’ll admit that the slams about her looks are low blows. While it’s baffling that Janecek would say in defense that Bachmann has “perfect looks”, it’s unfair to make sniping comments about her looks. It’s a double standard that women in politics have to deal with that sort of thing and Michele Bachmann shouldn’t have to defend how she looks. She’s a politician, not a model.

She especially shouldn’t have to defend her looks since she should spend all her energy supporting her horrible views on praying the gay away, freedom of light bulbs and the idea that God told her she was going to become president.

Frankly, we shouldn’t be talking about her at all. I know it’s hard. She’s such an easy target but if we ignore her she might just go away. She’s busy campaigning for re-election this year (check out the pics on her facebook page and play the “find anybody who isn’t white” game) and she’ll probably get re elected because her district is full of idiots but if we leave her alone she might just stay off of Fox News.

Fingers crossed.

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