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One Weird Trick to Get a Bunch of Strange Pervy Shut-Ins to Read Your Blog

May 15, 2012

Way back in 2011, when Michele Bachmann seemed unstoppable in her quest for the Republican presidential nomination and everybody was talking about this new fad called “the facebook”, I wrote a blog about stupid banner ads. Here was one of the ads I successfully skewered with my rapier wit –

stupid ad, consider yourself made fun of!

After a while, some search engine hits came in looking for “the girl from the one weird trick ad” or some close variation. I eventually did a blog about all the attention Dreadlock McHigheyes was getting. One of my friends found out she’s actually a German stock photo model known only as colorful woman.

Since then I have been getting way too many search engine hits of people looking for this girl. Don’t believe me? Here’s a screengrab from one day

Don’t worry about that “cockfack” search. Different recurring blog.

It’s recently come to where the people are actually commenting about her. Sometimes they wish I had more info about her –

She is beautiful, colorful, pierced, I checked on the links you provided and that is her stock photo alright but nothing about who she is! Does she live near me? Does she have a boyfriend? Has she ever done adult film? We need to know these things! (protip: If one of your questions for a girl is “have you ever done an adult film?” you don’t need to know if she has a boyfriend because she won’t talk to you after that question).

Some are downright angry that I have the wrong “one weird trick” model –

I have checked on the somnipure model about six times (though Im not the everyday guy but you must be exagerrating anyways or the number would be more than thirty).
I seriously doubt you have the right model. That is one nasty looking girl and something happened to her hair.
I would gladly send you a pic but not sure it would do me any good. You could certainly benefit from using a bit more brainpower when making silly blog entries. They do have about five different models; why assume its that freakazoid?

That actually happened. My writing was insulted by a guy stalking girls from internet banner ads. I don’t know how to feel about that.

Well, it can’t be stopped so as long as you pervs are here I hope you get a few laughs reading my blogs about hotel shower caps and making fun of Mitt Romney. Good luck with your creepy obsessions!

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    August 27, 2012 2:52 pm


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