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Bachmann? More Like Brokemann! Ba-Zing!

February 1, 2012

It’s been weeks, glorious weeks since Michele Bachmann limped home from the Iowa primaries defeated. She pledged to focus on her re-election campaign for congress but there’s just one problem. She ain’t got no money.

Maybe you wouldn't be broke if you just would've gone with Lipton instead of your fancy imported tea bags.

Turns out that running for president, even in the primaries, can be pretty spendy and Michele Bachmann still owes $88,000 from running around the country and talking about how Washington is “spending recklessly”. While donations were pouring in for her early on, she only received enough in the fourth quarter to air commercials for her campaign in Iowa one day before the caucuses. Here’s a brief list of some of the items/services she still owes for her campaign run.

$5,000 – Industrial Strength Makeup Remover

$3.50 – Fact Checker

$2,000 – Gay-Away Pray Spray

$1,500 – Phrenology Consultation

$7,000 – Bibles, Constitutions, Duct Tape

$180,000 – Iowa Straw Poll Votes.

With such debt it’s hard to see how she’d be able to properly fund a re-election campaign. If Michele Bachmann’s gone from politics, who will stick up for the rights of lightbulbs?


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