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Blogging On Location.

October 10, 2011

I wanted to go somewhere other than my living room to type today’s blog so I thought I’d go to Bob’s Java Hut for a nice change of pace and a hot cup of coffee.  The problem is that the route to Bob’s is almost two blocks to walk, full of twists and turns.  That seemed really inefficient to me so I thought I’d get there quicker if I walked a straight line in the opposite direction.

I began walking when I came across a building.  It didn’t say “Bob’s Java Hut” on it and everybody inside insisted that this building which was obviously Bob’s Java Hut was, in fact, their home.  I kindly explained that this had to be the coffee shop because it’s what I was looking for and there I was.  I then showed them my gun to back up my logic and then asked the confused coffee shop employees to get me a cup of coffee and their wireless password.

The coffee shop employees are a peculiar but peaceful people.  They told me that they only had a drink called “Tea” and brought me a cup.  It tasted different but was hot and served in a ceramic mug.  I told them that we’re calling this drink “coffee” now and had them give me all the coffee in the shop to bring back home.

As I type this one of the coffee shop employees is gathering supplies for my trip back home.  I think I’ll take him with me to make coffee for me and do some other stuff.  I don’t plan on paying him.  After I return home.  I think I’ll come back with Jared and have him set up camp here so he can collect weekly tributes from the native employees and cut off the hands of anybody who doesn’t deliver.

On a completely unrelated note, happy Columbus Day, everybody!

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