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Holy Shit I Guess Fake Bombs Are a Thing Now.

August 5, 2011

I had written a few weeks ago about a Minnesota city council member mailed himself a fake grenade for stupid reasons. Now there’s a story about how the worst kidnapper broke into somebody’s home in Australia, strapped a fake bomb around her neck with a ransom note attached and left.

Is this a new thing now? Is “fake bombs” a fad? Am I going to have to buy a bowling ball and a short length of rope just to be cool?

I just don’t understand the logic on this one. Did the fake bomber actually believe people were just going to take his word that it was a bomb and then pay him? Also, wouldn’t he have to be present to “disarm” his “bomb” or did he just plan on saying “gotcha!” once he got the money? I really don’t get how this guy thought it was going to go down. What did that ransom note even look like?

“If you want your daughter to live I want 50,000 Australian kangaroo dollars. I’ll come over in 24 hours. The device will explode in 25 hours. Once you give me the money, I’ll disarm the device. Only I know how. Don’t try to disarm it yourself! It will, uh, explode! Yeah… explode. Once I’ve disarmed the device I assume you’ll let me leave with the money since I was nice enough to disarm it.”

Crazy Australians with your Vegemite and fake neck bombs.

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  1. August 5, 2011 12:59 pm

    And now you know how religions get started. #atheistsnark

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