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It’s Ironic Because David Gray’s “Babylon” is the Gayest Song Ever.

June 15, 2011

There’s a facebook protest a brewing for the annual Basillica of St. Mary’s Block Party in Minneapolis.  Stated in the “event” –


This was created to take a stand and let organizations, businesses and other groups know that it is NOT OK to support those that do not support equality and want to change the MN State Constitution to ban gay marriage. To make a real change, we need to start taking action now. Do not wait until you vote in 2012.

The Minnesota Catholic Church has made it their number 1 priority to define marriage in the State Constitution between one man and one woman, in tern, banning gay marriage. 

The Catholic Church has already spent millions of dollars in the production of Anti-Gay DVDs and lobbying the State Legislature to add this hateful amendment to the Minnesota Constitution. 

Please do not attend the Basilica Block Party this year. Please do not contribute money to a Catholic Church fundraiser while they are spending millions of dollars to write discrimination into the MN constitution. 

I also encourage you to contact the bands and stage sponsors. This is the time to get peoples attention, sponsors and businesses attention.

Cities 97 is the main co-sponsor of the event, contact them as well.

Thank You Paul Harding for the research*

(*research= going to the Block Party’s website)

The BBP has been going on for 15 years and slacktavists are now just realizing that the Catholic Church doesn’t cotton well to homosexuality. The church, in my opinion, is wrong but when have they been right about anything? That’s beside the point.

None of the money is going into homosexual reeducation camps, lobby money to outlaw rusty trombones or research to create a fully functioning Gaydar. All of the proceeds either go renovations of the church building or to the St. Vincent de Paul program, a charity that provides food and shelter to nearly 3,500 people a month.

Don’t protest Basillica Block Party because of it’s association with the Catholic Church. If you really want to make a statement, write a letter to the Archdiocese. Better yet, write your congressman.

Besides, there’s plenty of legitimate reasons to not go. It’s overpriced, parking is a nightmare and there’s only three bands worth seeing and you can probably catch them at First Ave. in a month for $15.
Whatever you do, facebook protests aren’t going to kill the Basillica Block Party. That’s Rock the Garden’s job.

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