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FeedBurner RSS Reader Options for YoungNotions Feed

December 13, 2012

FeedBurner RSS Reader Options for YoungNotions Feed

Since the RSS feed option we had set up earlier wasn’t helpful, instead of simply fixing it, we upgraded! Included here is the link to our FeedBurner RSS stream, with buttons for MANY readers out there. Want to get YoungNotions in your Google reader? Click this link, then click the Google reader button. It will walk you through getting us in your Google feed.

If there’s anything else we can do to make this transition easier for you, please let us know. There are now a few article posts to YoungNotions that haven’t been posted here, and won’t be. We’ll probably be decommissioning this site in a month, so make sure you’ve subscribed!


It’s (Mostly) Official

December 12, 2012

We’ve moved! The DNS transfer is mostly propagated over to our new host. There are still a few people getting redirected here, but most servers have caught up to us at our new location.


There is one problem with the move, however. The RSS and email subscriptions have not transferred. The database on the site doesn’t allow me to grab and relocate your email addresses to another location due to security and privacy issues. Which I can TOTALLY respect. This is WP guarding your right to not have your information shipped around willy nilly, and we thank them for that.

It does mean that those of you that follow us, that have us fed into your reader, or that get your daily YoungNotions via email will need to resubscribe. It’s super easy. Just go to the new and fancy site, and you’ll find your subscription options located just under our Fearless partner button on the right hand side.

Just a couple of clicks, and everything will be back to normal. Well, as close as we get, anyway.

They’re Pro-Something Alright…

December 11, 2012

You know where the best place to put an anti-abortion message is? On a coat hanger.

There's all that empty space...

Words fail me.

Apparently, Springdale Drycleaners in Cincinnati, Ohio is putting these pro-life messages on their hangers. Their coat hangers. Their wire coat hangers.

“Look, there’s just all that empty space on that paper, and really, if you’re going to hit your target market… besides, every one loves a theme!”

I’m going to ask this, because I think it needs asking, and it obviously hasn’t been asked enough…


No wait, let me ask this correctly.


No really. I haven’t been able to find a single news report on this, only internet rantings, and mostly just pictures with the caption WTF. But the earliest I can find on this is a post to Regretsy in September of 2010.

So somehow, our incredibly liberal media hasn’t picked up on this to trash it. And our conservative media hasn’t picked up on this to applaud it. Or, somehow, ALL our media is too busy pussy-footing around to try to please their followers that reporting on ACTUAL issues is too scary.

They might lose a rating, you know.

Look, I don’t like abortion. I really don’t. I’ve had some friends have abortions over the years as a means of family planning, and every time it happened, I’d get this sick, icky taste in my mouth. It actually makes me feel nauseous.

I don’t like abortion so much that, at the tender age of 20, when I was unexpectedly pregnant, I chose not to have an abortion.

And I chose it because I had that choice. The moment someone has the power to tell me I can’t have an abortion, that’s the moment someone has the power to decide that I *have* to have an abortion. The thing I’ll agree with Libertarians on is that we over-regulate a hell of a lot. To the point of losing certain freedoms. Like control over my own goddamned uterus.

The last thing I need some asshole in Cincinnati trying to control it by shoving his pro-life message up my twat.

Keeping People in the Internet Loop

December 10, 2012

I have a love/hate relationship with the internet. Usually it’s love. I mean, I did post about how I suspect the internet fathered my child. There’s a lot of love to be had. It gives me so much.

But today, I’m mad at the internet. I made a lovely post about how I was going to switch out hosting servers over the weekend, and the first thing I did was change the domain name to my new hosting site.

And then I waited for the DNS to propagate. I waited some more. And then, after waiting, there was more waiting.

I’m still waiting. Just as many of you are waiting for me to explain what the hell DNS is and why this upsets me.

It’s easiest to think of the internet as a city. Not this city:

I still remember my old neighborhood and street address. No, I'm not telling you what it was.

I still remember my old neighborhood and street address. No, I’m not telling you what it was.

…but a city with addresses. Now, when you think of a web address, you’re probably thinking of the URL or the domain name (such as or But those aren’t the actual address for the location of the website. They just get you there.

Let me explain.

The actual location is the IP address. You’ve probably seen this before when trying to set up your fancy new wireless modem for HOURS, talking on the phone with Comcast before you give up and call your 14 year old niece to come fix it, which she does in 5 minutes, and she also fixed the slowness issues you’ve been having, and found your porn stash which you cleverly titled “important documents” but she’s not going to bring it up with you, just pretend that she never saw those tentacles or KitchenAid appliance.

Seriously dude. You’re into some weird shit.

The IP address is a series of numbers like that give the actual location of the server on the network. So, it’s easiest to think of the IP as the actual street address, like 1234 Main St. (yes, nerds. I know it’s not a perfect analogy. This is why you can’t talk to real people. Shut it.) If the IP address is the street address, the domain name is like the nickname of the place, or the name of the establishment. If I told you I was visiting the pentagon, you know where I’m talking about, even if you don’t know the street address for the pentagon. People in that area know how to get there, but might not know the actual street numbers. Also, I can tell my husband that I’m going to Ben’s house, and he know where that is without knowing the street address.

Well, actually, maybe not. We know a lot of people named Ben.

Now, on the internet, we keep track of domain names through the DNS, or domain name system. Right now, you’re thinking of one giant computer holding onto all those location nicknames, but it’s actually several computers that talk to each other on a fairly regular basis. Like a gossip circle, if you tell one of those computers, soon all the other computers will know. They chatter at each other all the time about what shoes you wore that day, and where so-n-so lives now, and it’s such a nice neighborhood… so much better than that run down shack they used to live in, though the kitchen is a little small, but you can’t have everything, I suppose.

Why no! I didn't hear about the new domain host. Please go on...

Why no! I didn’t hear about the new domain host. Please go on…

The point it, you all have friends that have everyone’s address. Let’s say one of those friends is Betty. And you’re supposed to go to Bob’s new housewarming. So you call Betty to get Bob’s address. But she doesn’t know he’s move yet because usually Char keeps her up to date on Bob’s happenings, and they haven’t talked yet today, so she gives you Bob’s old address. Well, now you’re at Bob’s old house with a bottle of wine and a boardgame, and no one to share them with.

Look nerds, I know that’s not the perfect analogy either, but seriously, NO ONE CARES. Shut your trap.

That’s basically where YoungNotions is at right now. We’ve moved down the street, and we told the people we usually tell, but they haven’t talked to their friends yet, so is still telling people to come here to wordpress.

WHICH IS REALLY FRUSTRATING because I told Char 2 DAYS AGO and she still hasn’t let everyone know where I live. How can I have people over to my new place? Come on, Char. We’re all waiting on you.

So I hate the internet. I’ve been mad at it all morning. But then it gave me Bob Dole’s campaign website from 96, and

Awe, Internet… I can’t stay mad at you.

We’re Moving, Kinda

December 7, 2012

Here’s the deal, kids. We’re moving from the free WordPress blog to our own space on a server. Theoretically, you shouldn’t notice that many changes. But it will be enough for you to come back to us on Monday, look around and say something like “kids, I told you not to throw any parties while I was gone. But there’s a beer bottle on top of that bookshelf you missed. Also, when did we get a 3rd bedroom?”

You didn't even know YoungNotions HAD a logo, did you?

You didn’t even know YoungNotions HAD a logo, did you?

We started YoungNotions almost 2 years ago. I had been toying with the idea of a website where Bill and I could both promote shows, promote our comedy, promote ourselves, and work on mutual projects together. When Bill and I talked about him staying home to focus on comedy, one of my stipulations was that he would write everyday. Be it a script, a blog post, or what have you, I wanted him to write daily.

We set up YoungNotions to fulfill all of that. And for a while, it did what we needed. Bill was posting every day. Well. Most days. Some days I would fill in. But mostly it was Bill writing. We had our performance calendars, I had my acting resume, we had Bill’s stand up clips, and we had our shared projects all under one website. It was our promotional tool, our fun daily performance, a few jokes tossed out for people to enjoy mid-day.

A few months ago, Bill got a day job so I could stay home and pursue facilitating my son’s education. And helping start up a theater production company (Fearless Comedy Productions. Maybe you’ve heard of them). And do some other theater things in the area and still have time for my son. When we made this decision, we had a long talk about what to do with YoungNotions. What role does it fill? What role *should* it fill?

The thing is, both Bill and I love writing for this blog. But it’s not really much of a blog in the way it was originally intended. Instead of being some dude’s random thoughts, we’ve become much more satirical and observational in our focus. We’re both writing now, and very little of it has to do with our home life anymore. And we no longer use it rto promote ourselves.

I took our calendars down months ago and none of you said anything. I also got a haircut and no one noticed. I’m very hurt.

Thing is, we’re not a blog anymore. YoungNotions has become its own comedy site. We went from getting excited over 50 hits in a day to our highest blog post getting over 2,000 hits in one afternoon. We get thousands of hits in a month, from all over the world. We’re regularly getting shared on reddit, digg, stumbleupon, and at least once a month, something one of us does goes viral on Facebook.

I’m not saying that we’ve hit the big time. Far from it. As far as comedy websites go, we’re pretty much the bottom rung of the ladder. But we aren’t “blogging” anymore. Bill isn’t talking about his day job unless there’s a joke to be had. I’ve talked up a couple of charity events lately, but it was obvious that this is not the place for those things anymore.

You kids have come to expect daily noontime jokes to break up your day. And we plan to deliver. Hell, we’re even working on YoungNotions shows outside of the website. Not just Bill and Jena, but YoungNotions shows. As YoungNotions. It really has become its own thing.

So we’re moving to a hosting service. This will allow us to do a couple of things. First, I’ll be able to do more and better customization for the site. That menu thing that’s always bothered me where the spacing was off and the items ran together? I can fix that now. It wasn’t worth it to pay to fix it when we were living in a rental.

And that’s the second thing. Moving will allow us to monetize. Not a lot. Hopefully enough to cover the cost of moving to a server. But those awkwardly placed ads in the blog posts? Well, now I can put them where it best makes sense, and instead of that money going to WordPress for the free hosting, it’ll now go to us to pay for the hosting.

We’ll also be able to set up our CafePress shop so you can purchase cool YoungNotions swag. I’ve already got some YoungNotions logo items available featuring that swanky logo I posted earlier. The thing is, we’ve had that donation button up there for months now, and we’ve received one donation (which, seriously- thank you). But I don’t blame anyone for not donating, because what do you get out of it? Now, a part of the proceeds will go toward YoungNotions, AND you get something for your money. And who doesn’t want a YoungNotions thong?



Did you just picture Bill in a thong? Oh, well NOW you did… Ugh. This is horribly awkward.

The point is, this site is no longer going to be about us. It really hasn’t been for quite some time. We’re just trying to keep up with the growth of our little baby blog.

Awe, look at it. All growed up and moving out.

There might be some bumps along the way. I believe what I’m doing will preserve subscriptions, but if you don’t see us in your email or feed on Monday, please let me know and/or re-subscribe. I promise we’ll be here, and with 20% less narcissism.

And the awkwardly placed ad is VVVVVVVVHEREVVVVVVVVV I mean, part of the post or no?

Penn State Taking Baby Steps to Being Less Awful.

December 6, 2012

CNN posted a story about Penn State’s Chi Omega sorority posting a picture on tumblr that’s… well, here it is.



So yeah. That’s pretty racist. The photo was taken at a mexican themed party at the sorority and a lot of people are very offended and Penn State is currently investigating the sorority but I think it’s really important to remember that this is Penn State we’re talking about. At least a bunch of kids didn’t get raped in this scandal.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s pretty bad that the Chi Omegas would think it’s funny to reduce latino culture to a bunch of sombrero wearing, mustachioed landscapers and it’s baffling that they would think it would be okay to post the picture online but take a look at that picture again. How many kids are getting raped in the picture? Zero. That’s a real step in the right direction for Penn State.

Not to mention it only took a week after this picture was posted for the shit to hit the fan. Why, I remember a time where it would take well over a decade of something bad happening at Penn State before anybody would know about it. Penn State has really taken great strides in being open about their horrible culture.

Racism is bad. I’m not trying to debate that. I’m just saying we should be thankful that all they did was make fun of Mexicans and not rape a bunch of them and try to cover it up for years and years.

Hopefully, the girls of Chi Omega have learned to be a little more respectful and understanding of different cultures and hopefully the scandals of Penn State become less severe as time goes on. If we’re lucky maybe we’ll hear about some illegal gambling going on at Penn State a year from now. As long as they’re not enabling a serial pedophile.

The Liberal’s Guide to Murdering Christmas: 2012 Edition.

December 5, 2012

Well, it’s December so that means I’ve been very busy with my liberal friends trying to wage our war on Christmas. My nights have been filled with meetings with local reps from the ACLU, PETA, ADL and Planned Parenthood trying to brainstorm for ways to weaken Christmas even further. We’re trying to petition Congress to recognize the phrase “Merry Christmas” as hate speech but there’s little else we can do because Christmas has just become so… secular.

It’s hard to completely kill the holiday with our current battle plan because we’ve been attacking it as a religious holiday. We can use the First Amendment (the only Amendment that matters) to weaken Christmas on that front publicly but how do we take care of all of the many, many aspects of modern Christmas that have nothing to do with Christianity?

If we liberals are going to kill this holiday once and for all we need to think outside the organic, recycled, fair trade box. Here’s a few things we can do to start.

1: Santa’s Elves are non-union labor.
Nothing destroys a business quite like a union! Now, of course Santa’s elves aren’t real but just by injecting unionization of his labor force into the Christmas myth it will rattle the foundations of the whole story. We should probably make people call the elves something overly politically correct, too. Something along the lines of “Vertically Differentiated Polar Natives”.

2: Christmas trees are killing the environment
It’s hard, as a liberal, to attack something so tied to Paganism but it needs to happen if we’re going to get rid of Christmas. Real or fake, the use of Christmas trees are killing mother earth! The real ones chop down trees and the fake ones are made from plastic. To make it seem like we’re trying to be fair, offer some hideous alternative nobody will want like growing a potted soyplant to put the presents around and eating the soybeans with Christmas dinner.

3: Santa promotes childhood obesity.
Santa Claus promotes unhealthy lifestyles and unrealistic expectations. He tells kids you can live off of candy canes and cookies and live to be hundreds of years old.



Bonus: Try to get conservatives to hate Santa by saying he promotes socialism by giving away toys.

Okay, liberals. There’s the plan. Together we can finally murder this holiday. Namaste.

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